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November 27, 2018


2019 NAPE Biennial and Component Conventions

Dear brother/sister,

The following is an update on the upcoming Biennial and Component Conventions for 2019.


The next Biennial Convention will be held in St. John’s at the Delta Hotel from October 23 to the 27, 2019.
The Convention is the governing authority of NAPE. Delegates from every NAPE Local, from across Newfoundland and Labrador, convene to make decisions and set the direction for the union for the next two years.

Conventions are held every two years and give the Board of Directors direction between Conventions through resolutions and Committee Reports.

Delegates are selected at Local meetings prior to the Convention. At the convention, delegates will discuss resolutions and Committee Reports and vote on them.

Delegates will also vote for Executive, Regional, Area Board Members, and their Alternates.

A Biennial Convention Notice Package will be sent out to Local Officers for each Local early in April. The Package will contain additional information about the Biennial Convention, registration info and deadlines, resolutions, etc…



Component Conventions are held prior to the expiration of that Component’s Collective Agreement.

The Convention provides an opportunity for NAPE members to bring forward issues from their respective workplaces for consideration in the next round of collective bargaining.

Locals MUST first develop and vote on resolutions and proposals that go to component conventions and negotiating meetings. Resolution forms are included in the packages sent to Local Presidents.

Important elections are also held at the Component Conventions.

The first is for that Component’s representative on the NAPE Board of Directors.

The second election is for the negotiating team that will be responsible for representing workers from that Component in the next round of Collective Bargaining.

As a reminder, here are the Components of NAPE:

  • Correctional Officers
  • Education Support / Local Government
  • Faculty
  • General Service
  • Health Professionals / Laboratory and X-Ray
  • Home Care
  • Hospital Support Staff / Group Homes
  • Maintenance and Operational Services (MOS) / Air Services / Marine Services
  • NLC
  • Private Sector
  • Waterford Hospital

Component Convention dates, times and locations are as follows:


April 13            (Alt Hotel)                                    Correctional Officers

May 22 & 23 (Quality Hotel, Gander)               LX / HP

May 24 & 25 (Quality Hotel, Gander)               Education Support (School Board,

Student Assistants & CNA Support Staff)

May 31 & June 1 (Delta Hotel)                         Hospital Support Staff + Groups Homes

June 7 (Comfort Inn-Airport)                           NLC

June 8 (Alt Hotel)                                             MOS + Marine Services

June 10 (Comfort Inn-Airport)                         Private Sector + Local Government

June 13 & 14 (Comfort Inn-Airport)                 General Service

Sept 26 & 27 (Comfort Inn-Airport)                  Faculty
Component Convention Notice Packages are beginning to be sent out to Local President / Secretaries. The Package will contain additional information about the Component Conventions.

Please pass this information along to the members at your respective local.


Updates will be sent to this email list and posted to our website on this page.