The Purpose of the Union shall be:

(a) to promote, foster and protect the interests and well-being of [union members]

(b) to provide a medium for united action with respect to matters of common concern to the members as employees as referred to in paragraph (a) of this Article and as specifically defined and enumerated in paragraph 2 of Article III of this Constitution;

(c) to act as a representative body of the members for the purpose of advancing the general welfare of the said members as employees and the conditions of their employment; to obtain status as exclusive bargaining representatives of employees to improve wages, hours and working conditions through negotiated collective bargaining agreements; to process grievances and enforce all other rights arising out of the collective bargaining relationship; to print, publish and circulate its papers, magazines and journals; to acquire, hold, lease and convey any real and personal property; to invest and reinvest its funds; to exercise all rights and privileges which may be necessary and convenient for the conduct of its affairs.

Constitution 2023