2024 Step Up Awards

Step Up Volunteer Awards

Step Up Nomination Package (2024) – CLICK HERE

Throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, NAPE members are stepping up as volunteers
to make a difference. Some are union activists, while others give their time and energy
to community groups. The NAPE Step Up Awards were created to recognize these
members. These awards provide an opportunity for our union to recognize and applaud
the efforts of NAPE members who give so freely of themselves to improve the lives
of those around them.

Each year a maximum of 5 awards will be presented – one in each of the following five geographic regions:

  • St. John’s Metro (NAPE Regions 6 & 7)
  • Eastern (NAPE Region 5 and 9)
  • Central (NAPE Regions 3 and 4)
  • Western (NAPE Regions 1 and 8)
  • Labrador (NAPE Region 2)

Do you know a NAPE member whose volunteer time and efforts have made an
outstanding volunteer contribution to their union AND/OR their community?

If the answer to that questions is yes, please consider nominating them for a NAPE Step-Up Award.


To be eligible, an individual:

  • must be a member of NAPE
  • must have made an outstanding voluntary contribution without reward or gain for
    the betterment of NAPE and/or the community


Winners will be selected by NAPE’s Board of Directors or sub-committee thereof.

Nomination Deadline

DEADLINE  –  March 27, 2024

The Reward

  • Winners’ names will be displayed on a plaque at NAPE’s head office.
  • Winners will also receive a plaque and a distinctive lapel pin.
  • NAPE will make a $1000 donation on behalf of each recipient to the organizations/charities
    of their choice
  • Awards will be presented to recipients at a Step Up Award ceremony in St. John’s
    during Volunteer Week (April 24 – 30, 2022)

The Process

To nominate an individual, please submit the following:

  1. Complete nomination form
  2. Reasons for nomination (maximum one page)
  3. The nominator/nominees must be NAPE members

NOTE: Nominators may also submit other supporting materials/documents (letters of support, news clippings, links to videos/news stories/websites or blog posts, pictures, etc…) for consideration; however this is NOT REQUIRED.

Previous Award Winners

Thomas Cooper 4402
Beverly Flynn 2853
Joseph Lee 1852
Tony Green 6208
Marnie Daigle 2103
David Johnston 1854
Lisa Somerton 7104
Barbara Vokey 9850
Trina Reynolds 2102
Keith Kean 1804
David Dillon 4102
Gelnys Beasley 5205
Lisa Williams 7104
John ‘Craig’ Porter 2103
Finton Gaudette 1404
Watde Thompson 3301
Victor Lundrigan 9102
Jerry Dunphy 7104
Jamie Brake Western
Shirley Murphy Labrador
Gail Hoskins Central
Adrian Power Eastern
Stephen McAllister Metro
Bradford White Western
Debbie Brenton Labrador
Dwayne King Central
Elizabeth Roach Eastern
Philip Tomkins Metro
Ted White Western
Denise Delaney Labrador
Trina Mercer Central
Shirley Coady Eastern
Jamie Meadus Metro
Christopher Humby Western
Lorellie Blackmore Labrador
Lynette McDonald Central
Bernadine Farewell Eastern
Geoffrey Kearley Metro