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1001Marble Mountain – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1002Crosswinds Seniors’ Resort Andy Parsons
1101General Service – Port aux Basques Will Tremblett
1102General Service – Stephenville Will Tremblett
1104General Service – Corner Brook Will Tremblett
1105General Service – Deer Lake Will Tremblett
1106General Service – Pasadena Will Tremblett
1204Home Care – Corner Brook Will Tremblett
1207Bay St George Residential Support Board – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1208Bay St George Com Employment Corp – Stephenville Will Tremblett
1209Port aux Basques Com Employment Corp Will Tremblett
1211John Howard Society – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1213Home Care – Stephenville Will Tremblett
1214Humber Valley Complex – Deer Lake Andy Parsons
1215Home Care – Stephenville & Area Will Tremblett
1216Mountain View Retirement Centre – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1217Humber Valley Co-Op Living – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1218Acadian Village – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1219Home Care – Deer Lake & Area Will Tremblett
1220Home Care – Robinsons & Area Will Tremblett
1221Home Care – Port aux Basques & Area Will Tremblett
1301MOS – Tompkins Andy Parsons
1302MOS – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1305MOS – Deer Lake Andy Parsons
1308MOS – Pollards Point Andy Parsons
1317MOS – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1319MOS – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1321Marine Services – Ramea Andy Parsons
1401Faculty – Port aux Basques Andy Parsons
1402Faculty – Stephenville Crossing Andy Parsons
1403Faculty – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1404Faculty – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1501NLC – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1601Lab & X-Ray – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1602Lab & X-Ray – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1603HP – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1604HP – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1701Correctional Officers – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1702Correctional Officers – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1802Deer Lake Town Council Andy Parsons
1803Stephenville Town Council Andy Parsons
1804MUN Enforcement & Maintenance – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1805Port aux Basques Town Council Will Tremblett
1809MUN Custodians – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1810Workplace NL – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1811St. Georges Town Council Will Tremblett
Kippens Town Council Will Tremblett
Stephenville Dome Will Tremblett
1850Education Support – Port aux Basques Will Tremblett
1851Education Support – Stephenville Will Tremblett
1852Education Support – Stephenville Crossing Will Tremblett
1853Education Support – Deer Lake Will Tremblett
1854Education Support – Stephenville Will Tremblett
1855Education Support & Humber Arm South Town Council Will Tremblett
1856Education Support – Burgeo Will Tremblett
1857CNA Support Staff – Stephenville Andy Parsons
1858CNA Support Staff – Corner Brook Andy Parsons
1859Conseil Scolaire Francophone – Stephenville Will Tremblett
2001Terrington Consumers Co-Op – Happy Valley/Goose Bay Jimmy Lacey
2101General Service – Happy Valley/Goose Bay Jimmy Lacey
2102General Service – Nain Jimmy Lacey
2103General Service – Labrador City Jimmy Lacey
2201Labrador Health Centre – Happy Valley/Goose Bay Jimmy Lacey
2202Long Term Care Home – Happy Valley/Goose Bay Jimmy Lacey
2203Jackman Mem Hospital – Labrador City Jimmy Lacey
2204Health Centre – Forteau Jimmy Lacey
2301MOS – L’anse au Loup Jimmy Lacey
2401Faculty – Happy Valley/Goose Bay Jimmy Lacey
2402Faculty – Labrador City Jimmy Lacey
2601LX/HP – Labrador City Jimmy Lacey
2701Correctional Officers – Happy Valley/Goose Bay Jimmy Lacey
2850Education Support – Happy Valley/Goose Bay Jimmy Lacey
2851Education Support – Labrador City Jimmy Lacey
2852CNA Support Staff – Labrador City Jimmy Lacey
2853Education Support – Wabush/Lab City Jimmy Lacey
3001Browning Harvey – Grand Falls Bernie Power
3101General Service – Springdale Kristal Rice
3102General Service – Grand Falls Kristal Rice
3103General Service – Lewisporte Kristal Rice
3104General Service – Baie Verte Kristal Rice
3105General Service – Milltown Kristal Rice
3201Green Bay Health Centre – Springdale Bernie Power
3201Town Council – Springdale Kristal Rice
3202Harbour Breton Hospital – Harbour Breton Bernie Power
3203Dr Hugh Twomey Hospital – Botwood Bernie Power
3204AM Guy Hospital – Buchans Bernie Power
3205North Haven Manor – Lewisporte Bernie Power
3206Central Residential Services Board – Grand Falls/Windsor Kristal Rice
3207Home Care – Botwood (Provincial, Exploits, TLC) Bernie Power
3207Home Care – Botwood (Blue Sky/Caregivers, Compassion, Horwoods) Kristal Rice
3208Health & Comm Services – Grand Falls Bernie Power
3209Home Care – Grand Falls/Windsor (Provincial, Exploits, TLC) Bernie Power
3209Home Care – Grand Falls/Windsor (Blue Sky/Caregivers, Compassion, Horwoods)) Kristal Rice
3210Home Care – Twillingate (Notre Dame Compassionate, Horwoods) Kristal Rice
3210Home Care – Twillingate (Provincial) Bernie Power
3211Central NL Hospital – Grand Falls Bernie Power
3212Notre Dame Health Centre – Twillingate Bernie Power
3213Baie Verte Health Centre – Baie Verte Bernie Power
3214Home Care – St. Albans Bernie Power
3215Home Care – Harbour Breton (Caring Hands) Bernie Power
3216Home Care – Lewisporte (Exploits, Provincial) Bernie Power
3216Home Care – Lewisporte (Horwoods) Kristal Rice
3217Home Care – Springdale (Exploits) Bernie Power
3217Home Care – Springdale (Horwoods) Kristal Rice
3218Home Care – Baie Verte (Exploits) Bernie Power
3218Home Care – Baie Verte (Horwoods) Kristal Rice
3301MOS – Grand Falls Kristal Rice
3303MOS – Pools Cove Kristal Rice
3306MOS – Baie Verte Kristal Rice
3307MOS – Lewisporte Kristal Rice
3310MOS – New World Island Kristal Rice
3311Wooddale Tree Nursery – Bishops Falls Kristal Rice
3312Marine Services – Long Island Kristal Rice
3402Faculty – Grand Falls Kristal Rice
3404Faculty – Baie Verte Kristal Rice
3601Lab & X-Ray – Grand Falls Kristal Rice
3602Lab & X-Ray – Twillingate Kristal Rice
3603HP – Grand Falls Kristal Rice
3701Correctional Officers – Bishop’s Falls Kristal Rice
3801Lewisporte Town Council Kristal Rice
3802Workplace NL – Grand Falls Kristal Rice
3850Education Support – Bay D’Espoirr (Support Staff) Bernie Power
3850Education Support – Bay D’Espoir (Student Assistants) Kristal Rice
3852Education Support – Grand Falls (Student Assistants) Kristal Rice
3855Education Support – Springdale (Support Staff) Bernie Power
3858Education Support – Lewisporte Bernie Power
3859Education Support – Grand Falls Bernie Power
4001Hoyles Ambulance Bernie Power
4101Ushers – Gander Bernie Power
4102GS – Gander Kristal Rice
4104GS – Bonavista Kim Bartlett
4104HSS & HP (Government of NL) – Bonavista Rhonda White
4104CNA Support Staff – Bonavista Randy Avery
4104HP (Eastern Health) – Bonavista Austin Deir
4201Bonavista Hospital – Bonavista Junior Bursey
4202Home Care – Gander & Area (Provincial) Bernie Power
4202Home Care – Gander & Area (Compassion, Horwoods, Rosemore) Kristal Rice
4205Lakeside Homes – Gander Bernie Power
4206James Paton Hospital – Gander Bernie Power
4207Fogo Hospital – Fogo Bernie Power
4208Brookfield Hospital – Brookfield Bernie Power
4210Golden Heights Manor – Bonavista Junior Bursey
4211Bonnews Lodge – Badgers Quay Bernie Power
4214Health & Comm Services – Gander Bernie Power
4216Cara Transition House – Gander Kristal Rice
4217Home Care – Bonavista David Healey
4218Home Care – Glovertown (Compassion, Horwoods) Kristal Rice
4219Home Care – Wesleyville (Compassion, Horwoods) Kristal Rice
4220Home Care – Fogo Island (Notre Dame Compassionate) Kristal Rice
4221Central Residential Services Board – Gander Kristal Rice
4301MOS – Air Services Kristal Rice
4302MOS – Bonavista Grant Horan
4304MOS – Fogo Kristal Rice
4305MOS – Lumsden Kristal Rice
4306MOS – Gambo Kristal Rice
4310MOS – Victoria Cove Kristal Rice
4311Marine Services – Fogo Kristal Rice
4312Marine Services – St. Brendans Kristal Rice
4313Marine Services – Sound of Islay Kristal Rice
4402Faculty – Bonavista Rhonda White
4404Faculty – Gander Kristal Rice
4601James Paton Hospital – Gander Kristal Rice
4602HP – Gander Kristal Rice
4850Education Support – Wesleyville Bernie Power
4851Education Support – Gander (Student Assistants) Kristal Rice
4852Education Support – Gander (Support Staff) Bernie Power
4853Education Support – Gambo Bernie Power
4854Education Support – Fogo Island Bernie Power
5001Young’s & Collins Ambulances – Bay Roberts Junior Bursey
5002Garda World – Long Harbour Frank Pittman
5003Bay Robert’s Retirement Centre David Healey
5101GS – Placentia Kim Bartlett
5101HP (Government of NL) – Placentia Rhonda White
5101CNA Support Staff – Placentia Randy Avery
5101NLC – Placentia Grant Horan
5103GS – Whitbourne Kim Bartlett
5104GS – Carbonear Kim Bartlett
5104CNA Support Staff – Carbonear Randy Avery
5203Dr. Newhook Clinic – Whitbourne Junior Bursey
5204Dr AA Wilkinson Clinic – Old Perlican Junior Bursey
5205Home Care – Conception Bay North David Healey
5207NL Youth Centre – Whitbourne Grant Horan
5209Placentia Health Centre – Placentia Junior Bursey
5210Home Care – Placentia David Healey
5215Home Care – Trinity Bay David Healey
5216Carbonear Health Centre – Carbonear Junior Bursey
5301MOS – Bay Roberts Grant Horan
5302MOS – Heart’s Content Grant Horan
5303MOS – Whitbourne Grant Horan
5304MOS – Placentia Grant Horan
5305MOS – St. Bride’s Grant Horan
5307MOS – Flambro Head Grant Horan
5402Faculty – Carbonear Randy Avery
5403Faculty – Placentia Randy Avery
5501NLC – Conception Bay North Grant Horan
5601Lab & X-Ray – Carbonear Austin Deir
5602HP (Eastern Health) – Conception Bay North Austin Deir
5602HSS (Eastern Health) – Conception Bay North Junior Bursey
5602HP & HSS (Government of NL) – Conception Bay North Rhonda White
5602GS – Conception Bay North Kim Bartlett
5603HP (Eastern Health) – South West Avalon Austin Deir
5603HP (Government of NL) – South West Avalon Rhonda White
5603HSS – South West Avalon Junior Bursey
5850Education Support – Bay Roberts Rhonda White
5851Education Support – Placentia Rhonda White
5853Education Support – Bay Roberts Rhonda White
6201Home Care – Conception Bay South David Healey
6202St. Luke’s Junior Bursey
6205Janeway Hospital Scott Mercer
6206Health Sciences/Miller Centre Scott Mercer
6207St. Clare’s Hospital Austin Deir
6208Pleasantview Towers Junior Bursey
6209Home Care – St. John’s David Healey
6216Dr Walter Templeman Hospital – Bell Island Scott Mercer
6217Agnes Pratt Junior Bursey
6219Home Care – TLC – St. John’s David Healey
6221Central Laundry Scott Mercer
6222Home Care – Caregivers & Blue Sky – St. John’s David Healey
6225Home Care – St. John’s David Healey
6228Recovery Centre – St. John’s Austin Deir
6229Waypoints Inc – St. John’s Rhonda White
6233HSS (Eastern Health) – St. John’s Austin Deir
6233HSS (Government of NL) – St. John’s Rhonda White
6233GS – St. John’s Kim Bartlett
6234Eastern Residential Support Board – St. John’s Rhonda White
6236SA Wiseman Centre – St. John’s Randy Avery
6237Central Kitchen Scott Mercer
6238Shalom Inc – St. John’s Rhonda White
6240HSS – Mount Pearl Square Vina Gould
6241Home Care – Trepassey David Healey
6241HSS – Trepassey Junior Bursey
6241Lab & X-Ray – Trepassey Austin Deir
6241GS – Trepassey Kim Bartlett
6241Student Assistants – Trepassey Rhonda White
6242Home Care – St. Mary’s David Healey
6243Home Care – St. Catherine’s David Healey
6601HP & HSS (Government of NL) – St. John’s Rhonda White
6601HP (Eastern Health) – St. John’s Austin Deir
6604Lab & X-Ray – St. John’s Austin Deir
6901Waterford Hospital Scott Mercer
7003Browning Harvey Frank Pittman
7004Labatt’s Frank Pittman
7007Comfort Inn Frank Pittman
7010Brinks Frank Pittman
7012Canadian Blood Services Frank Pittman
7013Purity Factories Frank Pittman
7015Safety Services NL Frank Pittman
7016Public Service Credit Union David Healey
7018Registered Nurses’ Union of NL Frank Pittman
7019Double Tree (Quality Hotel) Frank Pittman
7021Country Ribbon (Plant) Frank Pittman
7022Country Ribbon (Cochrane Pond) Frank Pittman
7023Tiffany Village Frank Pittman
7025Karwood Retirement Retreat David Healey
7026Provident 10 Frank Pittman
7027Alt Hotel/Geston Colimat (GDI) Frank Pittman
7028The Lilly (Choices for Youth) Frank Pittman
7029Emmanuel House Frank Pittman
7030Marguerite’s Place Frank Pittman
7101MCP – St. John’s Kim Bartlett
7104General Service – St. John’s Kim Bartlett
7104Lab & X-Ray – St. John’s Austin Deir
7110Ushers – St. John’s Randy Avery
7302MOS – White Hills/Foxtrap Grant Horan
7303MOS – Conception Bay Centre Grant Horan
7304MOS – Renews Grant Horan
7305MOS – St. Joseph’s Grant Horan
7308MOS – St. John’s Grant Horan
7311Marine Services – St. John’s Grant Horan
7314Marine Services – Portugal Cove/Bell Island Grant Horan
7401Faculty – Seal Cove Randy Avery
7402Faculty – St. John’s Randy Avery
7403Lakecrest Independent School – St. John’s Rhonda White
7404Faculty – St. John’s (Ridge Road) Randy Avery
7405Marine Institute – St. John’s Randy Avery
7501NLC – St. John’s Grant Horan
7701HM Penitentiary – St. John’s Jimmy Lacey
7801MUN Maintenance – St. John’s Grant Horan
7802Multi-Materials Board – St. John’s Randy Avery
7803MUN Enforcement – St. John’s Grant Horan
7804MUN Custodians – St. John’s Grant Horan
7808City of St. John’s Frank Pittman
7811Aramark (MUN) Frank Pittman
7813Workplace NL – St. John’s Randy Avery
7814Town of Paradise Frank Pittman
7815Town of Witless Bay/Town of Bay Bulls Frank Pittman
7816Town of Portugal Cove Frank Pittman
Town of Pouch Cove Frank Pittman
7850Marine Support Staff – St. John’s Randy Avery
7852CNA Support – St. John’s Randy Avery
7853Student Assistants – Ferryland Rhonda White
7853Home Care – Ferryland Frank Pittman
7854Education Support – Avondale Rhonda White
7857Education Support – St. John’s (Student Assistants) Rhonda White
8101General Service – Woody Point Will Tremblett
8102General Service – St. Anthony Will Tremblett
8103General Service – Roddickton Will Tremblett
8104General Service – Port Saunders Will Tremblett
8105General Service – Flower’s Cove Will Tremblett
8203Grenfell Health – Roddickton Jimmy Lacey
8204Home Care – Roddickton Andy Parsons
8205Home Care – St. Anthony Andy Parsons
8206Home Care – St. Barb Andy Parsons
8207Charles S Curtis Hospital – St. Anthony Jimmy Lacey
8208Grenfell Health – Flower’s Cove Jimmy Lacey
8209Home Care – Hawkes Bay Andy Parsons
8210Home Care – Rocky Harbour Andy Parsons
8211Home Care – Woody Point Andy Parsons
8212Home Care – Hampton Andy Parsons
8301MOS – Glenburnie Andy Parsons
8302MOS – Rocky Harbour Andy Parsons
8303MOS- Port Saunders Andy Parsons
8304MOS – St. Barbe Andy Parsons
8305MOS – Roddickton Andy Parsons
8309MOS – St. Anthony Andy Parsons
8401Faculty – St. Anthony Andy Parsons
8601Lab & X-Ray – St. Anthony Jimmy Lacey
8602HP – Norris Point Andy Parsons
Port Saunders Town Council Will Tremblett
Port au Choix Town Council Will Tremblett
9001Collin’s Ambulance – Burin Junior Bursey
9002Central Transfer Services Junior Bursey
9101General Service – Clarenville Kim Bartlett
9102General Service – Burin Kim Bartlett
9103General Service – Grand Bank Kim Bartlett
9201Burin Health Centre – Burin Austin Deir
9202US Memorial Health Centre – St. Lawrence Austin Deir
9203Health & Comm Services – Clarenville Junior Bursey
9204Blue Crest & Grand Bank Health Centre – Grand Bank Austin Deir
9205GB Cross Memorial Hospital – Clarenville Junior Bursey
9207Burin/Marystown Training Employment Board – Marystown Randy Avery
9209Grace Sparkes House – Marystown Rhonda White
9210Home Care – Marystown David Healey
9211Home Care – Clarenville David Healey
9301MOS – Clarenville Grant Horan
9302MOS – Salt Pond/Burin Grant Horan
9303MOS – Goobies Grant Horan
9304MOS – Grand Bank Grant Horan
9305MOS – Boar Hr. Junction Grant Horan
9307MOS – Bellevue Grant Horan
9401Faculty – Clarenville Randy Avery
9402Faculty – Burin Randy Avery
9601Lab & X-Ray – Clarenville Austin Deir
9602Lab & X-Ray – Burin Austin Deir
9603HP – Burin Rhonda White
9604HP – Clarenville Rhonda White
9801Town of St. Lawrence Frank Pittman
9802Town of Burin Frank Pittman
9805Town of Grand Bank Frank Pittman
9850Education Support – Clarenville (Support Staff) Rhonda White
9852Education Support – Burin Rhonda White
9853Education Support – Clarenville (Student Assistants) Rhonda White
9854Faculty – Clarenville Randy Avery
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