Nape Member discount program

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There are many advantages to being part of a union – collective agreements, stronger protections in the workplace, solidarity, etc… Many of the benefits and standards won for our members are enjoyed by all workers today, such as minimum wage, health and safety regulations, and overtime.

That’s the power of negotiating as a group.

While our main goal is to negotiate better agreements and protect the rights of our members in the workplace, we are also responsible for finding ways to improve your lives outside of work.

In an effort to better achieve that goal, we have created a discount program – the NAPE Advantage Program – for our members.

We will continue to build upon and grow this discount program for members in the weeks and months ahead. We will post updates here and on our Facebook page.

We are hopeful that this program helps members keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets.

How do members get a discount?

The process is easy:

Step 1: Show your NAPE card

Step 2: Get a discount.