Elected or appointed within the Local, Stewards enforce the collective agreement and protect the rights acquired by members through negotiations and other union actions. Thus, Shop Stewards are your first line of defence, as they are responsible for enforcing contracts, handling grievances, ensuring worksite safety, mobilizing members for political campaigns, orienting new members to the worksite and NAPE, and more.

Along with their duties in regard to the union and the workplace, the Stewards also act as the liaison between the Local Executive and the membership. It is their job to make sure the members they represent at the worksite know what the union and Local are doing.

Through their actions on so many levels, the Steward has the power to ensure their Local is strong, representative, and successful in protecting membership rights. If you are interested in becoming a Steward, please send us an email.

Shop Steward Handbook 

If you are currently a NAPE Shop Steward, you can view the NAPE Shop Steward Handbook which is a handy and valuable resource for Stewards at the following link:

Shop Steward Handbook – CLICK HERE


Upcoming Shop Steward Training Seminars

NAPE is continuing to offer the newly revised two-day Shop Steward training seminars. This seminar is meant for all Shop Stewards (previously trained, untrained, or seasoned Stewards). All those who have not already attended this updated seminar are encouraged to attend.

Seminars will be scheduled for each region and Shop Stewards will be notified once dates are set. NAPE’s goal is to provide this training to all of our Shop Stewards across the province.

Please visit the Education Calendar page for a list of upcoming Shop Steward training seminars – CLICK HERE


There are currently no seminars scheduled at this time

Please check back soon for updates.

Previous Training Seminars