Award Winners (left to right) – Adrian Power, Shirley Murphy, Gail Hoskins, Stephen McAllister, Jamie Brake

On Friday night we held our ceremony for NAPE’s 3rd Annual Step Up Volunteer Awards in St. John’s to close out Volunteer Week.

In workplaces and communities across our province, NAPE members step up to give their time, effort, energy, and treasure to support their fellow union members, community organizations, sports teams, and those in need.

This year’s winners were:

Jamie Brake – Western
Shirley Murphy – Labrador
Gail Hoskins – Central
Adrian Power – Eastern
Stephen McAllister – Metro

The nominations this year were simply amazing and the selection process was tough but in the end these five NAPE members were selected. These fantastic individuals embody the spirit of the Step Up Awards through their incredible acts of volunteerism.

Congratulations to the winners and to all those volunteers across our province. Your efforts truly make a difference in people’s lives.

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