Dear sister/brother,

Before the election writ was dropped your union sent a questionnaire to all of the parties with a deadline of May 1.

We did this because we wanted to ensure your union and the members we unite and represent knew where the parties stand on the issues that matter to you, particularly as they relate to your work and working conditions.

The questions cover a range of issues. It was extremely difficult to whittle the list down to a manageable size given the depth and breadth of our membership and the goods and services you create and provide, but we feel that we struck a good balance.

In the package, for your information, we have provided a brief overarching analysis of each party’s responses. However, we have also included the responses from each party in their unadulterated and unedited (except for layout) form so you can read them and form your own opinions and, possibly, inform your voting preference based on the responses provided.

The party responses (in-full) and our brief analysis of each can be found here: CLICK HERE

If that doesn’t work (due to firewall issues) try here: CLICK HERE

We hope you are able to take some time to go through this package and see where the parties stand on a number of important issues.

We encourage you to get active, get informed, and exercise your democratic right to vote in on May 16.

Information regarding the election; how and where to vote, special ballots, candidate list, etc. can be found on the Elections Newfoundland and Labrador website at:

In solidarity,