NAPE has awarded 22 scholarships totalling $12,500 to students pursuing post-secondary education.

NAPE annually awards scholarships to children and dependents of NAPE members pursuing post-secondary education.

“We are delighted to offer these scholarships each year to recognize the outstanding talent of the youth of our province and our union,” said NAPE President Jerry Earle. “I congratulate each of the scholarship recipients and wish them the very best as they move forward with their educational pursuits.”

Recipients of this year’s scholarships are:

Scholarship Recipient Parent(s) Local
Emmanual Strickland Andrew Mahar Lorelei Pittman

John Mahar



Max Dyke Serena Piercey Kristy Piercey 6601
William Browne Rebecca Wiseman Kim Wiseman 6233
Region 1 Donovan Johnson Wendy Robinson 1104
Region 2 Christian Penney TerriLynn Penney 2601
Region 3 Ian Wellon Richard Wellon 3858
Region 4 Hannah Guy Ray Guy 4302
Region 5 Olivia Noseworthy Clarence Noseworthy 5104
Region 6 Abby Simms Sonya Sheaves 6604
Region 7 Ryan Butler Pamela Butler 7850
Region 8 Gregory McGrath Kearney Charlene McGrath 8203
Region 9 Catherine Williams-Vaters Mary Williams Fewer 9603
At-Large Hailey Colbourne Stephen Colbourne 1317
At-Large Zack Hefford Michelle Hefford 3204
At-Large Adrienne Robinson Shawn Robinson 3855
At-Large Rachel Moores Anna Moores 4301
At-Large Michael Burke David Burke 5207
At-Large Rachel Coombs Shelley Coombs 6234
At-Large Mary Ann Kennedy John Kennedy 6601
At-Large Danielle Taylor Ann Taylor 7857
At-Large Mark Saunders Sharon Brushett-Saunders 8601
At-Large Matheson Baker Margaret Baker 9601