NAPE has awarded 22 scholarships totaling $12,500 to students pursuing post-secondary education.

“We are delighted to offer these scholarships each year to recognize the outstanding talent of the youth of our province and our union,” said NAPE President Jerry Earle. “I congratulate each of the scholarship recipients and wish them the very best as they move forward with their educational pursuits.”

Recipients of this year’s scholarships are:

Scholarship Recipient Parent(s) Local
Emmanual Strickland Erica Evely Clara Lynn Burke 5104
Max Dyke Zoey Dwyer Paul Dwyer 1104
William Browne Luke Brockerville Michelle Gardiner 6601
Paul Foley Abigail Bessey Stephanie Bessey 1221
Region 1 Adam Kendall Misty Greene 1851
Region 2 Zoe Stevens Allison Normore 2204
Region 3 Brady Buffett Peggy Coombs 3859
Region 4 Drake Parsons Donna Granter 4206
Region 5 Devon Dove Cynthia Dove 5216
Region 6 Hayley Butler Fraser Butler 6236
Region 7 Kristen Blundon Lisa Blundon 7026
Region 8 Celista Tatchell Tracey Tatchell 8203
Region 9 Lauren MacLean James MacLean 9205
At-Large Laura Quigley Gene Quigley 6234
At-Large Michael Butt Anne Marie Fagan 7104
At-Large Liam Earle Jeremy Earle 7104
At-Large Nicole Haring Darlene Sellars 7104
At-Large Amanda Pearcey Karen Pearcey 7104
At-Large Cameron Pelley Paula Pelley 7104
At-Large Abrianna Guest Charmaine Owens 7811
At-Large Simone Hodder Tracy Hodder 9201
At-Large Emily Philpott Wanda Philpott 9601
At-Large Shawna Biles Vickie Biles 8601