NAPE has awarded 22 scholarships totalling $12,500 to students pursuing post-secondary education.

“We are delighted to offer these scholarships each year to recognize the outstanding talent of the youth of our province and our union,” said NAPE President Jerry Earle. “I congratulate each of the scholarship recipients and wish them the very best as they move forward with their educational pursuits.”

Recipients of this year’s scholarships are:

Scholarship Recipient Parent(s) Local
Emmanuel Strickland Keira Sparkes Lori-Lee Beer 5216
Max Dyke Jervanni Mitchell Brenda Mitchell 4211
William Browne Emily Morrissey Joan Morrissey 5851
Paul Foley Jill Baker Alisa Baker 6601
Region 1 Leah Penney Kelly Penney 1101
Region 2 Ryan Winacott Karen Winacott 2851
Region 3 Mackenzie Parsons Juanita Parsons 3203
Region 4 Emma Bath Judy Bath 4602
Region 5 Amelia Walters Tara Walters 5602
Region 6 Noah Williams Tina Williams 6206
Region 7 Nicholas Mayo Eleanor Mayo 7104
Region 8 Sara Diamond Hank Diamond 8208
Region 9 Madison Pretty Holly Pretty 9204
At-Large Holly Morgan Lloyd Morgan 1804
At-Large Sean Budgell Sarah Caines 3204
At-Large Faith Randell Coralee Randell 3205
At-Large Mika Donahue Anna Santeramo 3211
At-Large Erin Baker Michael Baker 5216
At-Large Emilie Harris Bernadine Harris 7402
At-Large James Skinner Pansy Skinner 7814
At-Large Chelby Symmonds Charlene Symmonds 8208
At-Large Melissa Barnes Freeman Barnes 9101
At-Large Lucas Gill Nora Gill-Peddle 9205