Employment Opportunity
Public Service Commission

Contract position to March 2019, with possibility of extension.

The Adjudicator position is an independent, impartial decision making role responsible for reviewing job classification appeals. The position will be located at the Public Service Commission (PSC), Mundy Pond Road, St. John’s, NL.

In 2015, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador introduced the Job Evaluation System (JES) for bargaining unit positions and some excluded positions. The JES covers approximately 35,000 positions in government Departments, Regional Health Authorities, and select positions in the education sector and crown boards and agencies.

Classification decisions and the administration of the JES, is the responsibility of the Human Resource Secretariat (HRS). The Appeal process, on job evaluation decisions, will be handled by the Adjudicator. The process is outlined in the applicable collective agreements for bargaining unit members.

Search #: PSC.2018.01
Location: 50 Mundy Pond Road, St. John’s, NL Open Until Filled.

The Adjudicator will receive appeals filed in accordance with the Classification Review and Appeal Process. Under the established process, the Adjudicator shall only consider and rule upon evaluated factors that are challenged by an individual or group having identical position descriptions and classifications. The Adjudicator shall make decisions on the information provided, or may hold hearings if deemed necessary. The decisions of the Adjudicator, on an appeal, is final and binding on the parties to the appeal.

Candidates should have knowledge of job evaluation methods and understand how allocation factors are assessed, with experience in the JES framework preferred. The Adjudicator must be able to conduct a hearing, and have the ability to comprehend large volumes of detailed descriptions, and issue well written, logical decisions within the guidelines of position evaluation methodology. The Adjudicator must also have an understanding of the diversity of occupational groups and organizational structures and the impact of classification decisions on internal relationships within and across other public sector organizations.

The positon requires an appreciation of the importance of all public sector positions. The Adjudicator must have the ability to listen, to make appellants feel at ease in an unfamiliar environment, to respect the rights of employees, and comprehend the unique situations which may arise from the changing environment of the public service. Knowledge of the principles of natural justice, and the ability to work independently with effective organizational and planning skills will be an asset.

These qualifications would normally be acquired through a degree in the social sciences, behavioral sciences, and/or arts. Equivalencies will be considered. Experience in related research or evaluation methods is required. Experience in human resources is an asset.

Please submit your application to the Public Service Commission in one of the following ways. Be sure to reference the search number.
Email: contactpsc@gov.nl.ca Fax: 709-729-3178
Mail: 50 Mundy Pond Road PO Box 8700 St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6