The recently established Task Force on Health, called Health Accord NL, has begun its work to reimagine health and health care in Newfoundland and Labrador.

NAPE has been asked to participate in Health Accord NL.

NAPE President Jerry Earle is the union’s representative and is fully engaged in this process – we want to ensure that the voices, perspectives, and insights of front-line workers are heard throughout this process. We believed your union needed to have a seat at the table to better inform and help shape the task force’s efforts to improve our healthcare system. Jerry and Secretary-Treasurer Trevor King have met directly with the co-chairs, Dr. Patrick Parfrey and Sister Elizabeth Davis, about the Task Force’s goals. They feel confident that this process is a positive, constructive, and collaborative one.

We will also ensure that the various Task Force committees are engaging, consulting with, and listening to front-line workers from a broad range of NAPE components not only in direct healthcare but social work, education, home and youth care, group homes, and beyond.

Health Accord NL, led by Co-Chairs Dr. Patrick Parfrey and Sister Elizabeth Davis, will focus on two major ideas in its quest for a strategy for better health in the province:

  • awareness of and intervention in the social factors that influence health (social determinants of health)
  • balance of community-based (primary health care, elder care, social care) and hospital-based services.
    Public Engagement Virtual Town Halls

Open engagement with various groups throughout the province is extremely important. The general public and community sector, Indigenous communities, seniors, municipalities, unions, regional health authorities, health care professionals – these groups and more all have a vested interest in health and health outcomes. Their input and engagement will be critical throughout this process.

The public is invited to join the Co-Chairs, Dr. Patrick Parfrey and Sister Elizabeth Davis, in the first of several town halls to discuss health in the province– Your Health. Your Province. Your Say.

These sessions are free and open to everyone in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Please visit to register.