Healthcare Workers Running on Empty – Over 1000 Currently Out of System Due to Covid

For Immediate Release:

Monday, March 28, 2022

ST. JOHN’S, NL – NAPE President Jerry Earle is drawing attention to the plight of exhausted and burnt-out healthcare after two years of a pandemic.

“Currently there are over 1000 healthcare workers out of the system across our province,” said Earle. “There’s a 100 or more out of the system every single day in Eastern Health alone.”

“After burning the candle at both ends for the past two years, Covid is still placing a heavy burden on our healthcare workers,” continued Earle. “How much longer can exhausted workers continue to prop up an already beleaguered healthcare system?”

“Workers, who have been at the forefront in the fight against this pandemic, are also now being told that their leave might be changed or severely restricted this year – a real punch in the stomach for healthcare workers who need a break to recharge and recuperate,” said Earle. “We need everyone – healthcare authorities, workers, unions, and government to get together and come up with a strategy to handle this situation and develop a solution that is patient and worker-centred.”

Earle also points to the increasing number of hospitalizations due to Covid in recent weeks which will have a major impact on our system and healthcare workers.

“This government talks about ‘living with Covid’, well, if you’re going to do that you need to have a plan for what that life looks like,” said Earle. “Right now, we’re making it up day-by-day. We can’t simply act like this pandemic is over – clearly, it’s not.”

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