Hurricane Matthew / Thanksgiving Rainstorm 2016


FR: Jerry Earle, NAPE President

RE: Hurricane Matthew / Thanksgiving Rainstorm 2016

Dear brother/ sister in the Central Region/South Coast, please share this message with members at your respective locals.

We have all watched the recent destruction caused by the remnants of hurricane Matthew in awe, disbelief, and sadness. Flooded basements, houses and property washed away, roads and bridges destroyed, and entire communities cut off.

However, as per our way as a province and as a people, we have seen the best in one another – communities, family, friends, and complete strangers reaching out to help their neighbours in their time of need.

If your house, family, loved ones, or community was affected by this storm – we are sorry for your loss and for your struggle. I can only imagine the stress and strain this is causing on you.

We have been monitoring the situation closely and have been in close contact with our Central Region Office staff about how the storm has impacted you and your work (stress, grief, missed shifts, inability to get out of your community for work, etc…)

If you are having difficulties related to your work as a result of the storm, please contact our Central Region Office at 489.6619 and they will do what they can to answer your questions and provide whatever support available. In some cases, it may be advisable to contact your workplace EAP (Employee Assistance Program) if the stress, strain, grief, or anxiety caused by the storm has had an impact on you.

Information regarding the rainstorm, updates, and information and applications for the NL Disaster Financial Assistance Program (NL-DFAP) can be found here:

I wish all of you the very best in the coming days and weeks ahead as clean up and reconstruction work continues.

Remember, there is strength in the union – reach out to one another, talk to one another, contact our offices and staff if you have questions or need help.

In solidarity,