September 30, 2013

Dear brother/sister,

After intervention by NAPE, Government has agreed that individuals may apply for a new review of their jobs.

An employee who wishes to have the results of the new Job Evaluation System (JES) reviewed will be given an opportunity to request a review and to complete a new Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). Training in that process will be offered to assist individuals complete the PDQ as it is a comprehensive process. Once reviewed the rating will apply to the specific individual.


The specific details can be found in the following document – JES UPDATE (Review Process)


In solidarity,

Carol Furlong

NAPE President  


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Government’s Job Evaluation System (JES)


1. Will my salary be reduced as a result of the JES?

No. The parties have agreed that classifications being placed on a lower salary as a result of the JES report will be red – circled.

2. What does red-circling mean?

An employee who is red circled has his/her salary protected. The employee will receive salary increases as bonuses until the new scale catches up to the employee’s salary.

3. If I fall into a red circled category will I receive the salary increases in the current tentative agreement?

Yes. You will receive the salary increases as they will be applied before the JES start date.

4. Is the new JES part of the current negotiations/tentative agreement?

The JES was/is not part of current negotiations with the exception of the implementation date and red circling provisions.


If you require additional information regarding the JES, please contact our office.

If you have an inquiry regarding the ratings of your position, you should refer said inquiries to the government contact line as NAPE did not have a representative on the ratings committee.

Human Resource Secretariat at and/or 729-6334.