December 12, 2014

Dear brother/sister,

Your union, NAPE, has been a strong advocate for LPNs in recent years – successfully fighting for an occupational review for LPNs, speaking to the need to recognize LPNS in a tangible way for the increased scope of practice, LPN shortages, and the vital role LPNs play in our healthcare system. NAPE also set up an LPN Professional Committee which reports directly to the union’s Board of Directors.

Often, the public is not aware of the vital role that LPNS play in the health care system and the expanded list of tasks and responsibilities that LPNs must perform. LPNs have told us that their role is often downplayed or not fully recognized by patients and the general public, despite the fact that LPNs are fully trained, health care professionals that are, in fact, nurses under provincial legislation – An Act Respecting the Licensure of Practical Nurses.

To help combat this in the past two years alone, NAPE President Carol Furlong has conducted over twenty media interviews to highlight these issues for the general public.


NAPE firmly believed that changes in training, duties and responsibilities compliant with the expanded Scope of Practice of LPNs warranted an occupational review for LPNs and fought long and hard to make that goal a reality.

As you are aware, NAPE was successful in securing an Occupational Review for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) in the most recent round of public sector collective bargaining negotiations. In fact, during the last round of collective bargaining, your President and Secretary Treasurer lobbied extensively and convinced the then Minister of Finance to agree to an Occupational Review. They also successfully argued that any increase resulting from the Review would be applied retroactively to April 1, 2013.

The Occupational Review is currently in the final stages and the results of which will be retroactive. NAPE’s foresight in ensuring retroactivity has protected LPNs against delays in the process.

The Occupational Review began in the Spring of this year with LPNs across the province participating in defining the important work that they do. The NAPE LPN committee also made representation. Unfortunately, the LPN Occupational Review was placed on hold due to the sudden illness of the person conducting the review. The review recommenced in the Fall.

The results of the Occupational Review are still on track to be released this month. NAPE will continue to monitor the situation and keep the pressure on to ensure that the process is completed in the time-frame given by the Treasury Board.

We appreciate your patience on this matter and hope for a wage adjustment which LPN’s will consider fair. If you have any questions about the Occupational Review or this update, please do not hesitate to contact NAPE at 754.0700 or via the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website at http://www.nape.nf.ca/contact-us/