“Following a meeting between officials of NAPE and Eastern Health, it appears that significant progress has been made, at least in the interim”, says Ms. Furlong.

By way of example:

Temporary full time LPNs have been extended, including:

  • Fifteen (15) temporary full time LPNs at Hoyles-Escasoni – extended to September 30, 2012;
  • Three (3) temporary full time LPNs at Pentecostal Home, Clarke’s Beach – extended to March 31, 2012;
  • Five (5) temporary full time LPNs at Agness Pratt – extended to March 31, 2012; and
  • As a minimum, all other temporary full time LPNs in long-term care sites with Eastern Health – extended to January 28, 2012.

In addition, at this point, five (5) Permanent LPN positions will be posted in Burin, three (3) for U.S. Memorial, two (2) for Blue Crest, as well as three (3) for Agnes Pratt. Permanent positions will also be posted for Personal Care Attendants (PCA) in Burin and Carbonear.

Furlong stated, “this extension of employment of temporary LPNs and PCAs provides an opportunity for Eastern Health, in consultation with NAPE, to plan for a long term strategy to deal with this ongoing issue – a strategy which will hopefully have the least possible negative impact on our members.”

For further information please contact:
Carol Furlong at cfurlong@nape.nf.ca or 709-754-0700