Our thoughts and solidarity are with the people of the west coast today as they assess the damage, make repairs, clear roads, and rebuild vital infrastructure in the wake of Fiona.

The pictures and videos of the sheer devastation caused by this storm are hard to wrap your head around. So many lives have been impacted.

As always, the people of our province have pulled together in support of one another with determination and resolve in this hour of need. Workers, including many NAPE members in municipalities and with the provincial government, are leading the charge to rebuild, reconnect, support, and provide care.

We have reached out directly to the government to offer any support we can provide. We will be following our words with action and direct financial support to assist affected families and their communities in the coming days.

Thank you to everyone involved in the effort right now and during the storm.

Stay safe, everyone.


Jerry, President

Trevor, Secretary Treasurer