By November 26th Twenty five (25) LPNs will have been moved from full time hours to on call status in the Carbonear region. The institutions affected are Carbonear Hospital, Harbour Lodge and Interfaith Home.

Ms. Furlong stated “The decisions by Eastern Health will have a significant impact on the levels of patient care. It is impossible to remove so many frontline workers from the full time ranks and have no negative impact on patients.”

Furlong futher stated “The treatment of LPNs by Eastern Health is an outrageous display of disrespect towards a group of regulated and licensed professionals. To expect skilled professionals to remain on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no guarantee of work will result in employees leaving their jobs to work elsewhere. In a six month period this year, the number of Licensed Practical Nurses has declined by 178.”

To protest the decisions of Eastern Health, Licensed Practical Nurses will be starting demonstrations this week. The first demonstration will be held at Carbonear Hospital on Wednesday of this week 1:00p.m.

Furlong stated “Our members, the LPNs, have had enough of this treatment and lack of respect from Eastern Health. The government and employers legilated a need for more training and an expanded scope of practice. LPNs complied and now the reward is to be laid off and when called back to be demoted to Personal Care Attendants. This issue is not going away. We will not let it go away until Eastern Health begins to show respect to LPNs.”

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Carol Furlong 691-5701 or