Today, the Provincial Government put forward its 2024 Budget. It will take us some time to analyze the budget, the line-by-line impacts, and do follow-up with various departments. The following serves as a very brief overview and initial analysis.

Also, due to the fact that we did not attend the budget lock-in, unlike other years, we did not have advance access to the documents nor the ability to ask questions to Finance officials.

There are no major cuts, closures, or service reductions (at a macro level) announced in this budget (although we will need to dig deeper into the details). Funding across many departments either remains stable or has been increased to some degree.

No layoffs were announced in the budget.

More details on the budget can be found here:

NOTE: This is an analysis of impact on NAPE members and not an analysis of the budget as a whole (i.e., there is little to no analysis of cost-of-living initiatives).


  • $4.1 billion in total health funding, which represents over $200M in new funding over last year
  • $30 million to hire additional health care providers for the existing 19 family care teams, and to create new teams in the Baie Verte and Springdale region, Lewisporte, Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s, and downtown St. John’s
  • $10 million to help recruit and retain health care professionals
  • $600,000 to implement a mobile X-ray pilot project to bring services to long-term care homes and personal care homes
  • $6.5 million to operationalize a fourth cardiac catheterization suite
  • $1.2 million for more beds at Clare’s Mercy Hospital to increase surgical capacity and further reduce wait lists
  • $11 million is allocated to advance work on the Cardiovascular and Stroke Institute, replacing St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, and a new long-term care centre in Bay St. George
  • $3.5 million to create dementia inclusive environments in 42 long-term care facilities
  • $6.5 million to operationalize a fourth cardiac catheterization suite
  • $1.2 million for endoscopy services across the province

Nothing specific on home care (we will follow up for more info).

Workers need additional supports and resources now so they can provide the level of care that the people of this province need and deserve.

Recruitment efforts are welcome and needed but we need to also do more to retain workers in our system by improving work life balance, supports, staffing, etc.


  • $72M for CNA operating grant – up ~ $2M over the previous year’s budget. College of the North Atlantic sees its budget up slightly (from last years budget, but down slightly from the revised budget figures).
  • MUN continues to face challenges as the proposed cuts announced two budgets ago continue.


  • $3 million to increase student assistant hours and hire more student assistants.
  • $41 million in 2024-25, and $146 million over the next three years for new schools in Cartwright, Kenmount Terrace, Portugal Cove- St. Philip’s, and Pilley’s Island, as well as $50,000 to begin planning for a new school in Paradise.
  • $30 million over the next five years to renew the fleet of school buses.
  • Close to $20 million for the elimination of the 1.6-kilometre policy to access school bus services.


  • $29 million for improvements to the fleet of ferries and wharves.
  • $77.5 million for the operation of the ferries across the province.


  • $28 million is allocated for a variety of initiatives including wildland firefighting equipment, treating rising insect populations, and tree planting.


  • Creation of an additional 22 full-time correctional officer positions split between Her Majesty’s Penitentiary and the Labrador Correctional Centre
  • $5 million for the ongoing re-development of the Martin Gallant Building in Stephenville Crossing, which houses the Provincial Court and some government offices.
  • $15 million over two years to enhance such things as open air courts, video conferencing, new cameras, and program trailers at HMP.
  • More than $8 million to continue work to replace HMP.
  • $15 million over two years in temporary infrastructure measures to improve conditions and create additional space at HMP
  • 12 new positions in adult probation


While there are vague references to aging in place, there is no specific funding, policies or proposals regarding home care even though this work is crucial to our communities and to reducing stress and strain on our healthcare systems.

This is a priority area for our union with government and at the bargaining table as it relates to senior care, ageing in place, and the overall healthcare system.


Many of the positive funding announcements made in this budget are a result of the work and pressure that workers, their unions, and the public have put on the government.


In the coming days and weeks, your union will be seeking further details and answers to questions around the specifics.

We will continue to be steadfast in keeping pressure on this government to continue to invest in workers, public services, and initiatives that put workers and their families first.

Please stay tuned for more updates and information in the coming days / weeks.