NAPE President Carol Furlong says NAPE is calling on government to immediately set the wheels in motion to ensure Judge Baker’s recommendations are implemented without delay. “Of grave concern to NAPE is the unacceptable fact that adult probation services often find themselves working alone in unsafe conditions, a situation which must be rectified immediately,” said Furlong. “In addition to the safety issues, support staff need to be hired to ease the workload.”

According to Furlong, “the reality of the job of an adult probation officer is that they supervise clients, many of whom have addiction and mental health conditions that can lead to aggressive behaviour. Knowing this, all precautions should be taken by government to ensure the safety of its employees without delay.”

Furlong stated, “while Judge Baker has identified many operational deficiencies within adult probation services, he was clear from the outset that the probation system, the probation officers and the support staff are working well. NAPE shares Judge Baker’s view that it is amazing that the system is working as well when one considers the general working conditions of the employees.

NAPE will be attempting to arrange a meeting with government for the purpose of reviewing the recommendations and implementing the recommendations as quickly as possible”, said Furlong.

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