May 21 to 27 is Paramedic/EMS Week.
NAPE proudly unites and represents over 350 para-medicine workers in Newfoundland and Labrador in both the private and public sectors.
When every second counts, these workers are the first on the scene to assess, treat, care and transport.
Many don’t see or fully appreciate the incredible work that these healthcare professionals do – until it is their hour of need. Many also don’t fully appreciate the physical and mental toll the demanding, but rewarding, work takes on these workers.
While it is important to celebrate these amazing healthcare first responders, we owe them more than that – we must also ensure that they have the staffing levels, supports, and resources needed to do their job safely, quickly, and efficiently.
Please join us in acknowledging the crucial role that paramedics and emergency medical service professionals play in our health care system and the vital service they provide to the people of our province.
Thank you for all that you do! Be safe!