NAPE Committees – Call for Submissions 

TO:     Local Officers and/or Shop Stewards
FR:     NAPE President Jerry Earle 

Below you will find a list of NAPE Committees, their mandate, and their composition.

NAPE members interested in serving on a Committee shall submit the following:

  • Name;
  • Local;
  • Classification;
  • Brief Bio (maximum 100 words);
  • Committee that you would like to serve on; and
  • Reason for interest in said committee (maximum 250 words)

*A separate email MUST be sent for each committee you wish to sit on.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 22 (close of business day).

Submissions must be submitted via email with the SUBJECT LINE: NAPE COMMITTEES to

Only those members who are selected will be contacted.

In solidarity,


Finance Committee

Secretary/Treasurer is Chair; plus four members (2 Board Members; 2 rank and file members)

Provides general supervision over all financial transactions, assists in preparation of the budget annually for the Board of Directors and for Convention in Biennial year.

Pension Committee

Board Member is Chair; the number of members to be determined.

Meets to discuss and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters relating to pensions that affect Union members.

Legislation Committee

Board Member is Chair; plus four members

Examines legislation, recommends any necessary revisions to existing or pending legislation.

Education Committee

Three Board Members; plus two members

Reviews, recommends, and establishes education programs and services relating to structure, collective bargaining, and labour relations.

Health and Insurance Committee

Board Member is Chair; plus four members

Attends to health and insurance related matters pertaining to members, including improving insurance benefits, review LTD, STD, medical, dental, home, legal and other insurances.  Educates members on insurance matters.

Women’s Committee

General Vice President, three Area Board Members (Affirmative Action positions), one rank and file member

Provides the support and education necessary to women to advance their interest in their Union and supports politically active women.  Promotes issues specifically pertaining to women of NAPE and women in general.

Occupational Health & Safety/Environment Committee

One Board Member; plus three members

Specific reference to duties of the Committee is found in NAPE’s Constitution.  The Committee supports education relating to OHS and Environment, encourages OHS & Environment; encourages OHS & Environmental workplace committees; provides support to Board of Directors of NAPE on OHS & Environmental issues.

Constitution Committee

Board Member is Chair; plus number to be determined by Board of Directors

Advises the Office of the President on the interpretation of NAPE’s Constitution and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on constitutional matters.

Anti-Privatization Committee

This Committee is comprised of Board Members from Components potentially affected by privatization.

LPN Committee

Comprised of LPNs and chaired by a Board Member from Health Care Component.  Its role is to deal with issues specific to LPNs, including scope of practice, licensure, etc.

Audit Committee

Board Member is Chair; plus two members

Reviews the Audited Financial Statements of the Union and reports to the Board of Directors or the Convention in Biennial year.

Discipline Committee

Five members (Board Members cannot serve on this Committee)

Investigates and rules upon written complaints offences against the Constitution.  Two of the five elected MUST be from the outgoing Committee as per Article III, 8, b (I) of the Constitution.

Charities Committee

Board Member is Chair; plus four others.

This Committee carries out various fundraising activities throughout the year.

Young Workers Committee

Board Member is Chair; plus four others.

Members under the age of 34 will serve as a resource for the NAPE Executive to ensure the concerns and interests of youth are properly represented in the Union and the workplace.