Ms. Furlong stated, “the reduction in hours of work for front line employees can only have a negative impact on the levels of patient and resident care. In the case of Licensed Practical Nurses this seems to be part of a concerted effort by Eastern Health to reduce the number of LPNs. Now we see a reduction in their hours of work and a reduction in services.

Furlong further stated, “ironically, recently one of the affected LPNs was denied annual leave by her supervisor because of a nursing shortage. Now the same LPN is losing her full time position. This flies in the face of logic, said Furlong. “Surely this demonstrates that the reductions will have an immediate and dramatic effect on patient care.

By way of example, in the St. John’s area the reductions are as follows:

  • 11 LPNS at Waterford Hospital
  • 9 LPNs and 3 PCAs at St. Clare’s
  • 8 LPNs and 3 PCAs at Health Science Centre
  • 13 LPNs at Miller Centre

According to Furlong, “NAPE has been in meetings with representatives of Eastern Health trying to have the cuts rescinded. To date we have not received a positive response. These cuts are being directed by senior management who seem to be oblivious to the needs at the bedside of patients and residents. It is a sad commentary on our health care system,” she stated.

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