Due to a phone outage on Friday, September 13, the deadline for those on the following list has been extended until today (Monday, September 16) at 5PM :

Those members who are/have:

– On Education leave;
– On Maternity/Parental leave;
– On Unpaid sick leave;
– Awaiting the outcome of an arbitration case;
– A Workplace injury;
– Seasonal employees;
– Temporarily assigned to management positions and still in the bargaining unit;
– Unpaid leave covered by the collective agreement; and/or
– Have recall rights to their collective agreement

If you fall into this grouping and have not yet received your voting package for the Election of Secretary-Treasurer, please contact the NAPE Elections Committee at 1-800-563-4442 to request your package by 4pm today.

NOTE: Requests for a ballot after this deadline for members who fall into this group will *NOT BE ACCEPTED*.