The CNA is one of the job sites of the striking workers and their clients. The provincial government is responsible for the building and are using management personnel from other sites to do work of the striking workers and persons with disabilities. On March 5th striking workers protested the use of replacement workers and received overwhelming support from the students, faculty and staff.

Furlong said they are astounded that the issue has become one of picketing when the focus should be on the fact that replacement workers are doing the work of striking workers and persons with disabilities. According to Furlong, “the Minister of Education, who also represents the people of the Burin Peninsula, should be taking an active role in trying to resolve this strike rather than inflame it. To say that this is bizarre would be an understatement. A group earning minimum wage rates are on strike while replacement management workers are earning overtime hourly wages that would be equivalent to, or greater than, a full days wages for most of the strikers and their clients.

“While we have repeatedly asked the question, we have yet to be told why government is intent on concessions from a group of workers who earn $9.50 to 10.66 an hour”, said Furlong. This group has asked for nothing more than the template wage offer made to all others and to retain their current agreement. It is inconceivable that a group of women and persons with disabilities, would be considered less valuable than 40,000 others who recently negotiated collective agreements.”

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