Approximately 600 workers are employed with Caregivers.

According to NAPE President Carol Furlong, significant gains were made in wages, benefits and contract language. The workers achieved a wage increase, a new leave package, an additional statutory holiday, meal provision for extended shifts, clothing provision, seniority recognition, paid vaccinations and first aid renewals. There is a justice and dignity clause which provides for paid leave where there are compatability issues, and other improvements in contract language including an MOU commiting the parties to finalize health insurance benefits.

“This is a good start to addressing recruitment and retention in a growing industry where there is a shortage of support workers,” said Furlong. “The bar has been lifted for the other 16 home support agencies who are also in bargaining with NAPE. Obviously, we have to continue to negotiate even greater improvements but this was a productive round of bargaining,” said Furlong.

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