Ms. Furlong stated, “The Federal Government missed an opportunity to share Canada’s wealth and prosperity with all Canadians. It is beyond belief that the government is going to continue its corporate tax cuts. The priority is to enhance the wealth of the welathiest such as the banks and oil companies. It is hard to understand a plan of improving the bottom line of comapnies making profits in the billions while many Canadians struggle to make ends meet.

Furlong further stated, “By way of example, the Harper government is going to increase the guaranteed income to seniors by 300 million collars while in the same year implementing a tax cut for corporations amounting to a 10.4 billion dollar reduction. The oil companies with their billions of profits will get a tax break while Canadians have to pay taxes on their home heating fuel. The budget is a case of rewarding the wealthy and ignoring the average Canadian.

Furlong pointed out the budget offers little or nothing to create more jobs, strengthen retirement security, reduce health care wait times, improve mental health services, create early learning spaces for children or reduce college and university tuition fees.

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