NAPE Reaches Tentative Agreement for Correctional Officers

Dear brother/sister,

Your negotiating team, representing approximately 250 Correctional Officers across the province has reached a tentative agreement with the provincial government.

Your team is recommending acceptance to the membership.

Full details of the agreement will be released at the ratification meetings where members will have an opportunity to vote on the tentative agreements via secret ballot. Voting schedules are posted below.

Subject to ratification, this is a four-year agreement that will expire on October 31, 2019.

I would like to take this opportunity thank your negotiating team for their hard work and dedication in reaching the best possible deal for you: Ed Hogan (NAPE Staff Negotiator), Stephen Donahue, Natasha Juneja, Scott Dwyer, Clint Meade, John Smith, and Matthew Pike.

I would also like to thank you for all that you do in the challenging environment that you work in. Your public service deserves to be recognized and honoured.

In solidarity,



DATE                         TIME              TOWN                        LOCATION

October 17                 1pm                Clarenville                 Clarenville Inn

October 17                 7pm                GFW                           Mount Peyton

October 18                 2pm                Corner Brook            RNC Muster Room

October 18                 8pm                Stephenville             Days Inn

October 19                 12pm              HVGB                         On Site

October 21                 8pm                St. John’s                  Comfort Inn Airport