“It is indefensible that government would keep 14 women earning little more than $10 an hour on the street over pennies while they sit on a $12 million dollar surplus, stated NAPE President Carol Furlong. “Government saved $300,000 on the backs of these women and their clients over the past twelve months, when the entire cost of settling this dispute is a mere fraction of the money saved, Furlong said. Contrary to the Finance Minister’s public comments that government couldn’t afford the raise,clearly this strike is not about money. It appears the strike is about the lack of value government places on services to the disabled. Of all the services provided by government this is the service on which they have placed the least value. It is a shameful reality that this group of 14 women who provide support services to persons with disabilities, have been singled out and treated with such contempt and disdain. It is ludicrous in the extreme that government boasts of a surplus budget while the Burin support workers who earn little more than minimum wage are engaged in the longest public sector strike in the history of the province.” said Furlong.

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