NAPE President Carol Furlong stated, “Presumptive cancer legislation does not automatically give benefits to a fire fighter who has cancer, but would enable fire fighters who are presumed to have work related cancer access to workers compensation benefits.”

According to Ms. Furlong, “Medical and scientific studies indicate a strong association between fire fighters and certain types of cancer due to exposure to toxins, such as smoke, fumes, carcinogens, poisonous, toxic or chemical substances, which occur on the job. These studies reveal that certain cancers are linked to their jobs and that fire fighters, by occupation, have a higher mortality rate and shortened life expectancy for cancers compared to other occupational illnesses and injuries.”

Furlong stated, “All other provinces have such legislation. Fire fighters in Newfoundland and Labrador are exposed to the same occupational hazards as their colleagues in the rest of the country and deserve to have the same access to workers compensation benefits. They are simply asking for the same protection as other fire fighters and for the ability to access protection should they become victims of such occupational hazards”.

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