April 16 to 22 is . It is a time to celebrate the thousands of volunteers across this province for all that they do.
The theme for this year is – Volunteering Weaves Us Together.
No matter the challenge, we can overcome by working together – and we are stronger and more connected as a result.
Every day, thousands of NAPE members give freely of their time, energy, and skills to volunteer with organizations and charities and to help those who are less fortunate.
Many are volunteering to help others and their communities.
Without this volunteer effort, many of these organizations simply would not be able to operate.
This week is also a special time to send a thank you to the volunteer Local Officers and Shops Stewards who are the backbones of our union.
They are on the front lines of the union’s efforts in workplaces and communities across the province. They volunteer to protect and fight for workers, for justice, equality and respect, and for healthy and safe workplaces.
On behalf of a grateful union, thank you to the many volunteers out there for all that you do!