The Union will be conducting a strike vote among its members in the near future. According to NAPE President Carol Furlong the main issue is wages. In announcing the break off of negotiations Furlong stated, “after several meetings and conciliation, we are extremely disappointed with the unwillingness of the employer to recognize the valuable contribution the employees have made toward building the company””.

Of the 52 employees, 24 have in excess of 30 years service, another five have more than 20 years service. “This demonstrates a strong commitment to the company by the employees, and the company now needs to reciprocate and show its commitment to the economic well being for the employees”, Furlong said. “Employees at Purity Factories find themselves working and living in one of the hottest economies in the country. They need salary increases that will enable them to maintain their standard of living. We are asking the employer to put forward a salary package that recogizes the contributon of the employees to the company and recognizes the economic need of its employees”, said Furlong.

For information contact:
Carol Furlong – 570-2471 or 691-5701