April 17, 2015

Dear NAPE Members:

The rules for the NAPE election are outlined in the Constitution with other rules determined by the Board of Directors.  As in most elections, rules provide for a period of time following the counting of ballots, to declare the election valid. The Chief Returning Officer has now made that declaration.

While under the Constitution the new term commences June 1st, in the interest of an early change in leadership, I have turned over to President-‎Elect Earle, as much authority as the Constitution will permit and full authority to represent NAPE in public and in the media. I will be available to the President-Elect if needed during this transition period.

It has been my privilege to lead this great union for the past 10 years and to have achieved some of the most successful deals in the country.  I thank those who supported me and my leadership these many years. I congratulate the newly elected leadership and extend to them and to you, the membership, my very best wishes in the coming term.

In solidarity,

Carol Anne Furlong