As you know, Moya Greene, Chair of the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team (PERT) released her report entitled ‘The Big Reset’ on May 6.

If implemented in full, the recommendations in this report would have a profoundly negative impact on our members, the goods and services they provide, and our province as a whole – socially and economically.

Since it was released, your union has been pushing back against many of the recommendations in the report. We have been very prominent in the media, we have engaged directly in government relations meetings, and we have been poring over the full report.

As we head into the consultation process on the report (details of which have yet to be announced), our members (and the general public) must understand what is in the report, what isn’t, and what it all means.

To that end, we have created a brief analysis/critique of the report, entitled, ‘Red Flags in The Greene Report’ – CLICK HERE

We must stand together against austerity, cuts, closures, and privatization. We must be united in our fight for good jobs, strong public services, and a future for our province where no one is left behind.