NAPE is a sponsor of an upcoming Golf Tournament in support of the School Lunch Program (more info on the program here: CLICK HERE for School Lunch Program Details )

The tournament will be held on July 16th, 2015 at the Bally Hally Golf Club in St. John’s. More details can be found here: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

As part of the sponsorship package, NAPE gets to put a team consisting of five players into the tournament.

The NAPE Board of Directors resolved to create the team from the NAPE membership.

If you are interested in participating in this golf tournament on the NAPE team, please send an email to: with your contact information and the Subject Line: GOLF and your name will be entered into a draw.


  1. Deadline for submission of your name via email is: Friday, July 3 at Noon.
  2. The draw will take place on Friday, July 3. Only the five winners will be contacted.
  3. NAPE will incur NO COSTS (reimbursement for lost wages, travel, lodgings, golf equipment, etc.) other than the winners’ tournament fees. All costs will be the responsibility of the individual winner.
  4. The winners must be NAPE members.